Group profile

Newcomer Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the Group is headquartered in the three major luggage industry base, China Travel Bags Capital - Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, is a set of luggage research and development, manufacturing and marketing as one, upstream and downstream industry tie supporting basis of the industrial group.

Newcomer Group is the director of the China Leather Association Industry Committee, Zhejiang Leather Industry Association Bags Committee Chairman of the unit, Jiaxing City, luggage industry association unit, in the social work of private enterprises, is a member of the Presidium of the National Council of Zhejiang Province, Chairman of the Presidium of China Professional Market Council. Group has won the "China Famous Brand", "China's luggage industry brand" , "China's top ten leather industry enterprises", "Shanghai World Expo franchisee" honor, at the same time China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) The only senior partner, the Group's main brand "You off NEWCOM" luggage for seven no years as the Boao Forum for Asia gift.

Newcomer Group is committed to becoming China's luggage industry multi-brand global operations of the innovators and leaders, China's luggage industry is the most complete industrial chain, the most complete product category, domestic and foreign markets full coverage of the brand operating group business. Group to take the "ship to the sea, charter sea, buy a boat to the sea," the brand co-fleet model to expand the international market, the Group's current operating its own brand "You off NEWCOM", "travel AROUND" Quot; and & quot; wave NBC BONBONNIERE & quot ;, while Newcomer Group won the US high-end water sports brand & quot; Hobbie HOBIE & quot; in the global luggage franchise, the current Newcomer Group brand exported to the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, more than 30 countries And the area. Newcomer Group's Youke line brand is currently in the country has built more than 200 retail terminals, China's luggage industry's first indepen branded luggage chain monopoly business groups

Newcomer Group is very strong industry appeal and responsibility, together with the industry enterprises Baotuan development, the Group of luggage industry leading enterprises based on Pinghu, Yangtze River Delta region to create the most professional luggage service complex - Pinghu International Bags City, 400,000 square meters of the market share of the goods industry, the market share center, the regional marketing economy and the design outsourcing To create a core platform for the majority of traditional manufacturing to provide a low threshold to smile at both ends of the development of the second venture to own opportunities for the project has become the focus of service projects in Zhejiang Province.

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